Tile, Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY

Tile, Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY


Tile, Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY

Tile, Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY

Bathrooms are one of the first areas in the home receiving attention in the form of bathroom makeovers; with the bath tub and bathroom sink being key elements of bathroom renovation.

Tile, Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY

With steady use over several years, a bath tub can start to look dingy, scratched, and stained. Many homeowners see the assortment of pre-cast bath tub kits at major home improvement department stores for a couple hundred dollars on up and may think a new bath tub would be inexpensive. Think again.

Tile, Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY

Demolition and Replacement; a Long and Costly Process

Tile, Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY

To replace an old bath tub, the bathroom must undergo a demolition process; tile is removed, old fixtures discarded, drywall torn out, and preparations made for adjustments in framing and plumbing to accept the new fixtures.

The seemingly endless procession of tile, drywall, and plumbing contractors to get everything properly installed and finished can get complicated. Not to mention cost; which can quickly shoot up from a few hundred dollars to over several thousand.

Fortunately, there is another viable alternative. Bath tub restoration can rejuvenate your old bath tub without the restrictive cost of a full-blown bath renovation or bath tub replacement. Fiberglass bath tub refinishing, cast iron, or even porcelain bath tub refinishing is accomplished with the application of either a custom-fitted liner, or applying a new finish on the surface.

Repair and Refinishing A Difficult but Do-able DIY Project

Bath tub refinishing can be done either as a DIY project, or by hiring professional bath tub refinishers. There are products available for bath tub refinishing it yourself; either as a spray-on finish, or roll or brush on finish.

The best finish is accomplished by spray coating; 3 to 5 coats. Some homeowners may have the experience or ability to spray-on the finish correctly. However, properly spraying the finish is tricky; a poor job will stand out as such. For that reason, an experienced professional may be the best bet.

While original finishes on a bath tub are the most durable, spray-on bath tub finishes perform extremely well when properly maintained.

Tile, Countertop & Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo NY

For bath tubs that are scratched or damaged, bath tub repair can also be accomplished in the process of bath tub refinishing. Holes as large as an inch or two wide and up to 6-inches long can be repaired in fiberglass tubs. Some chemicals used in a bath tub refinishing kit can be harmful or toxic; it is important to use the appropriate protective clothing, gloves, goggles, and respirator during use.

To prepare for refinishing, first remove all plumbing hardware and gaskets, and then remove all caulking from edges or surfaces. Cleaning the tub surface is a crucial step of refinishing; the first two chemicals used in most refinishing kits help to facilitate that. Holes must be repaired with the fiberglass mesh and resin included in most kits; follow instructions exactly.

With the first chemical, thoroughly scrub the surface using 220 240 grit sandpaper and then thoroughly rinse with water. Allow the tub to dry completely before proceeding with the second stage of cleaning. Repeat this process with the second chemical, which removes any soap residue or oil.

Next, a primer reducer is wiped on the surface. Damage and scratches will really stand out after doing this; apply the filler (also included in most kits) and smooth. Be sure to allow ample time for drying; at least 30 to 45 minutes. Sand smooth, and then apply a second coat of primer reducer.

Mask any surfaces not to be coated, such as wall edges or remaining hardware.

The tub is now ready to receive the base or primer coat, applied with a compressed air sprayer. Fumes are toxic, so be sure to wear a respirator. These products are epoxy-based coatings, which come in 2 parts; follow manufacturer instructions carefully for proper mixing.

An additional 1 to 3 coats should be applied, with at least 30-minutes between coats. Again, follow individual bath tub refinishing product instructions carefully for specific information about drying time between coats, and number of coats required.

The resulting finish when properly applied is a dramatic improvement; bathroom sink repair or sink refinishing is accomplished in the exact same manner.

Consider Hiring a Professional Contractor

In many instances, a skilled, meticulous homeowner can successfully undertake a bath tub refinishing project. However, to insure optimum results it may be best to enlist the services of a bath tub repair professional.